Festivals Kelowna: Canada 150

Event Poster & Stage Scrim Design

Project Details

Festivals Kelwona

Date: 2017

Online: festivalskelowna.com

Canada 150 celebrations across the country brought so many Canadians together to celebrate. Many municipalities created designs that integrated the colours and identity of their community with the Canada 150 logo designed by contest winner "Ariana Cuvin". Festivals Kelowna tasked me with such a project; to make a poster, posts, and stage scrim that took inspiration from both the Canada 150 logo and the City of Kelowna identity.

Working with the shapes within the Canada 150 logo and multiple colours from both logos I sought to create a mosaic texture and design that would respresent a Canada Day celebration in a way that was unexpected and non-cliché. The mosaic was used as the basis for both the stage scrim and poster.

The band images were given a special graphic treatment to make them fit with the mosaic design. Each band image was close-cropped to the artsists, monochromed in the same colour and placed within a gem or series of gems. By doing this graphic treatment the artists became the focus of the posters without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

The result was a small collection of promotional materials and a stage scrim that made use of a vibrantly coloured gem mosaic respresenting diversity, unity, celebration, confetti and fireworks. Design befitting a Canada Day celebration.

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