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Enterprise Flower Studio Logo Refresh

Project Details

Client: Enterprise Flower Studio

Date: 2021

Online: enterpriseflowerstudio.com

Enterprise Flower Studio provides professional creative floral arrangements that help people express their emotions in a way that makes a lasting impression. They required a logo that expressed trust, modern sophistication and elegance. With this in mind, I explored classic typography, and modern fonts rooted in tradition to create an established high-end look and feel. We also explored monogram and pictorial icon options during the design process.
The resulting logo nods to the original logo with an updated stylized version of the daisy icon paired with a beautiful modern font that has classic features, medium weight and contrast. Variations of the logo allowed for it to be used on the website, uniforms, business cards, signage, and much more. The refreshed logo for Enterprise Flower Studio represents the sophistication and class of a high-performing professional florist.

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