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Friends of Dorothy Lounge

Logo & Branding Project

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Friends of Dorothy Lounge

Date: 2020


Friends of Dorothy Lounge needed a unique logo & visual identity for the LGBTQ2+ community and allies to embrace. It needed to follow a punk chic aesthetic and be eye-catching to the passersby. The design solution incorporated the hues of the rainbow in varying shades and tints into a digital bouquet of flowers that creates a logo that stands out in almost any context.
The colours of the flowers and foliage seen in many branded items represent the diveristy of the LGBT2Q+ community with subtly woven symbolism. The fonts used for the logo, headers, and subheaders were selected for their contrast and dive bar look and feel. The selected imagery evokes the feel of a party that's been going for a while and may be a bit risqué. Finally, the spray paint splotches were inlcuded in many instances as a way of tieing the logo to other elements.

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