Branding / Design

Logo & Character Illustration Project

Project Details

Client: J.Collins Handy Workz

Date: 2019

Online: jcollinshandyworkz.com

Getting to know the client and what he stands for as a trustworthy, dependable, hard-working, and talented craftsman helped me to craft a number of logo options that brought attention to his attributes as a handyman/contractor. During the design process the business name changed and the main concept shifted to resonate more with his prospective audience. We both felt that his name paired with a heroic caricature of himself jumping into action gave him a more personable logo befitting the business he was building for himself.
The logo for J.Collins Handy Workz is reminiscent of retro-style logos of the 50s when illustrations were often used to convey messages with a bit of whimsy. The result is a logo that reminds people of the trustworthy and industrious nature of an on call jack-of-all-trades. Variations of the logo allowed for it to be used on apparel, decals, business cards, signage, and much more.

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