mx. Logo Project

Project Details

Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc.

Date: 2017

The mx. is a clever name for a LGBT2Q+ professional networking mixer. Held every month at a different location, the main goal of the mx. is to provide LGBT2Q+ professionals and allies with a safe space to network and promote business opportunities.

The event logo needed to embody the gender-neutral title of "Mx." as well as show a converging of a diverse group of people. The letters "mx" could also be consider an abbreviation of the word "mix" or "mixer", which warranted something with an edgy and bold look.

The drafting process for this logo was a lot of fun. While a lot of duds were created, a real "blue sky" approach was needed to properly explore the possibilities and figure out how the mx. was going to be presented to the community. The result was a logo that employed a bold font, a custom x (as in "x" marks the spot), and a colourful period that makes use of colours often used to define gender in a way that is gender non-specific.

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