PLAN Okanagan

Logo & Visual Identity Refresh

Project Details

PLAN Okanagan

Date: 2020


I approached PLAN Okanagan to be a part of Design Day for GOOD ā€“ a graphic design and marketing initiative intended to help nonprofit organizations with their design needs for one day. When the COVID-19 global pandemic hit all plans to help PLAN Okanagan through Design Day for GOOD were postponed indefinitely. I decided to help PLAN Okanagan with their design needs on my own rather than leave their project requests unfulfilled.

Refreshing the logo and getting to the core of PLAN Okanagan's mission, values, and beliefs was the first stage in refreshing their visual voice and identity. PLAN Okanagan needed something that embodied the caring, empathetic, supportive, and celebratory nature of the organization while maintaining a professional look and feel that instills trust in the viewer.

The design of the logo was influenced by the relationship circles of intimacy, friendship, participation, and exchange. The idea of overlapping circles creating a cohesive whole is played with in forming a ā€œPā€ and heart shape. The heart of the logo represents the relationship circle of intimacy and the individual for whom the PLAN is built around. The overall logo represents a uniquely Okanagan PLAN coming together as one cohesive unit. The unique qualities of the logo make it iconic and distinctly different from other logos from similar non-profit organizations.

The result is something eye-catching, vibrant, and professional, in each designed piece ā€“ from logo to brochure, and from Facebook page to website. PLAN Okanagan was given a new look for their platform of care that I hope helps them garner more support and fanfare.

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