Chris B

My name is Chris Bingham, CDPTM, and I am the graphic designer responsible for Cyan Bold Design in Kelowna, BC. After graduating at the top of my class from Red River College, I started my career in design as an educator, then moved on to agency work and in-house design before establishing my own design business. My years of experience have allowed me to hone my graphic design skills and advance my branding skills to help my clients create a seamless blend of authenticity, function and style in their brand identities. I have worked with clients across various industries, from school divisions to social enterprises and machinery to marmalade. Nothing pleases me more than being able to break out all of the colours in the crayon box and use them in a design project.

I provide support and encourage my clients every step of the way. From brand identity and logo design to concept development and brand strategy, my approach is all about creating a strong foundation so that your brand can confidently stand out in a world of visual chaos. By listening to your goals and needs before designing a solution that resonates with your audience, I ensure we get things right the first time.

I work independently in my areas of expertise, which means you won’t be working with an overhead-heavy agency with junior designers and middle management when you work with me. Instead, you’ll get a direct line to an experienced senior creative with a can-do attitude and the skills to get work done.

Beyond design, I work as a brand strategist and consultant, bridging the gap between marketing and design. I help my clients take the next steps in making an impact with their brand assets. Through campaign materials, stationery, social media strategies, packaging, stage scrims, tradeshow materials, banners, billboards, print ads, online ads, brochures, signage, stickers, apparel, swag, posters, and more. Nothing brings me more joy than helping a client realize the impact of their brand through stunning visuals and a no-nonsense strategy.

Great graphic design has the power to change people’s perceptions and bring the community together. I have proven this time and time again by organizing Design Day for GOOD to help boost the visual voice of nonprofit organizations in Kelowna. I have also co-created Pride apparel collections in support of Etcetera Youth Group.

My motto is to BE BOLDER BY DESIGN, and I put that to work in everything I do. So let’s chat if you are ready for a braver, bolder, more inclusive visual design experience.