Like a flare in the distance your logo & visual identity should grab the attention of your audience and make them take notice.

No matter how big or small your business is, your logo & visual identity is your greatest asset and I want to make sure it stands out from the crowd. I work collaboratively with my clients to translate your core company ideals on a graphic and conceptual level so that your target audience not only understands it, but fully embraces it.
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Graphic design is a collaborative process in addressing design challenges with impactful and meaningful visuals.

Take a bolder stance in design. Whether you're looking for a logo refresh, a full re-evaluation of your identity, or a new design concept, I am here to help. I specialize in creating bold, impactful designs - and I love doing it! From logo and layout design to marketing materials and graphic standards, I can support all of your design needs.
Great design starts with collaboration and I work closely with my clients to create designs that will make you stand out in a world of visual clutter. If you are ready for a braver, bolder, more inclusive visual design experience, let’s chat.

Creativity is like alchemy. It can take the smallest of ideas and turn them into gold.

Creativity is the ability to view things from a fresh, original perspective. It can be taught and learned, but it is something that we often forget to nurture and grow. We all have creative ideas and, at times, we all have creative blocks. That’s where I come in – I thrive on supporting you and your ideas to help unlock your creative potential. Think of me as the creativity alchemist, turning your creative ideas into creative concept gold.
Whether looking to generate creative design concepts, innovative ideas or bold visual identity inspiration, I provide a unique perspective that can help you take that next step. If you’re looking for someone to create engaging creative concepts, I would love to work with you.

Be Bolder by Design. Be Braver by Design. Be Inclusive by Design.


When I'm not thinking of the next creative endeavour I can be found exploring my greater backyard of the Okanagan Valley.

Chris Bingham
Owner Proprietor / Creativity Alchemist

Great graphic design has the power to change people's perceptions and bring community together. I do my best in helping my clients stand out from the crowd and make sure their messages are being heard by the right people.

My years of experience have allowed me to hone my graphic design skills and advance my branding to help my clients create a seamless blend of authenticity, function and style in their brand identities. I provide support and encourage my clients every step of the way. From customer segmentation and competitive analysis to design inspiration and visual identity blueprints, my approach is all about creating a strong foundation so that your brand can confidently stand out in a world of visual chaos.

You won't be working with an overhead heavy agency with junior designers and middle management when you work with me. You'll get a direct line to an experienced senior creative with a can-do attitude and the skills to get work done.

If you are ready for a braver, bolder, more inclusive visual design experience, let’s chat.


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