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If your brand were a country,
your logo would be its flag.

No matter how big or small your business is, your logo & brand identity are your greatest assets, and I want to make sure they stand out from the crowd. I work collaboratively with you to translate your core brand ideals into impactful graphics and content your target audience understands and fully embraces.

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A logo is not a brand

Your logo is an essential part of your brand.

Your logo is one of your most valuable brand assets. Your logo is a distinctive trademark that people should recognize and trust. However, trust is built on several factors, starting with great visuals that help tell your brand’s story and make a lasting first impression. Getting this right sets the stage for fanfare from your audience. So whether you are starting a new line of business, looking to rebrand or starting a new endeavour, I’m here to help. I will work with you to ensure your logo is a unique, memorable, purposeful and functional trademark for your business that resonates with your customers for years to come.

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What’s my approach to logo design?

I have a three-phase logo design process. I start with a thorough conversation about your goals, competitors, design aesthetics and brand voice to establish creative parameters and avoid clichés. Based on our conversation and research, I then develop a small selection of creative concepts that work for your business.

Finally, I work with you to design the right logo for your needs and goals. This logo comes from a collaboration of efforts and direct feedback meant to facilitate the creation of a custom logo that leaves a lasting impression. I also provide my design clients with the necessary logo files to put their logo on just about anything. After all, once you have a great logo, you’ll want to show it off as much as possible.

Logo option process

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