Brand Identity Design

Your logo is just the beginning of branding

Let’s make a brand that announces itself to people and gets noticed for more than just a cool logo. From naming to messaging, point of purchase advertising to packaging design, I work with you to develop the right look and feel for your brand that compliments how you serve your customers best. 

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Do you want a brand that people desire?

Your brand is so much more than a logo. To truly brand something is to make an emotional impression on your customers that speaks authentically to their wants and needs. After all, your customers ultimately define your brand. So properly designing a brand with a consistent look and feel that resonates with your customers is of utmost importance. I can help you develop a brand that looks the part by creating the visuals and messaging to help manage your customers’ expectations.

Your brand needs to go beyond a boldly designed logo. So let’s chat about the steps that follow the design of a great logo.

Make a bolder first impression with your brand.

Most people create first impressions about a brand from its visuals. Your brand identity should attract new customers, reinforce brand loyalty, and evoke positive feelings of trust through thoughtful visuals and messaging.

I work with you to create visual guidelines, brand messaging, and positioning statements that become the blueprint for future designs to maintain your unique brand’s integrity. I start with a thorough discussion about what your brand means to you, your customers, competitors and prospective customers. From these insights, I perform a brief visual audit and competitor analysis. I then use this information and visuals you currently own to create a unique set of guidelines. These guidelines set the standard for your logo, typography, visual aesthetic (colours, graphics, patterns and/or design systems), brand messaging (vernacular, syntax, tone and manner), and unique brand applications–giving you the tools to take charge of your brand design consistency.

Whether you’re interested in having your own custom brand identity package or developing strategies to reach your customers, let’s start a conversation.

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Interested in a bolder Brand Identity? Let’s work on a project together!