Bountiful Lake Country: Farm Gate Trail LOGO & Visual IDENTITY

Farm Gate Trail Lake Country, BC is an enticing, vibrant and uncomplicated local farm gate program that invites locals and tourists to discover and explore the farm-fresh treasures from this unique part of the Okanagan Valley. The unique bounty that is grown here changes with the seasons and provides a variety of great things from flowers to garlic and cherries to farm-fresh eggs; the list is extensive, and there is no lack of surprises.

The design solution for such a vibrant, eclectic and industrious farm gate program needed to be something great!

Farm Gate Trail Lake Country logo in white


The result is something eye-catching, vibrant, and professional, in each designed piece – from logo to brochure, and from Facebook page to website. PLAN Okanagan was given a new look for their platform of care that I hope helps them garner more support and fanfare.

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