#1MillionCampaign: Advocating for mental health through empowerment & positivity

You Are Collective’s goal to reach one million fully-funded counselling sessions across Canada was the inspiration for this design project. It guided all design thinking and questioning. We needed to develop designs that were polished and professional in order to provide the #1MillionCampaign with a design system for a national mental health initiative. The brand identity needed to maintain the friendly grassroots charm of the You Are Collective while attracting donors, and supporters that could help make a larger impact. 

One Million Campaign logo


You Are Collective adopted the new design system right away and were confident in presenting it to their prospective partners, donors, and supporters. They created a new Instagram account for new content reflecting the new visual voice of the #1MillionCampaign. They’ve also applied the logo to their stationery, labels, newsletters, and big cheques. The result was an increase in followers of 105 in less than two months, more letters sent out, and a renewed confidence in their brand.

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