Design Day for GOOD 2022 was a huge success! We were able to help more nonprofit organizations in one day than ever before. Also, we were able to connect with volunteers from across Canada and internationally. Design Day for GOOD 2022 teams also went above and beyond with their deliverables, often providing more than what was requested, using their unique skills and expertise. Teams helped their nonprofit organizations through design systems, social media strategies, and content strategies. Overall, Design Day for GOOD has become an effective and impactful way to give back to the community. But it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteers!

Design Day for GOOD is a collaborative initiative with volunteer teams of designers, communicators, marketers, and design thinkers. It is led by Cyan Bold Design and hosted by Staples Studio Kelowna in partnership with the Graphic Designers of Canada BC Chapter (now known as the Design Professionals of Canada). Design Day for GOOD 2022 draws from the GDC SKN Design Day concept. It follows the same premise – design as many meaningful assets as possible for local nonprofit organizations to help further their causes and boost their visual voice in one day. The goal is to use visuals, content and design thinking to build up our community. Furthermore, I believe design can be a force for positive change and should be free in certain circumstances. For more on my viewpoint on pro bono work, check out my blog – The Importance of Using Design for GOOD.

We were able to prove once again that great collaborative work can be done from anywhere as long as we have a good reliable connection. I hope that Design Day for GOOD will become a multi-location event helping communities all over through the power of great design.

Great Sponsors & Volunteers Create Amazing Work!

This year we had additional support from supporting sponsors Chic Creative Community and Wax Pencil Imagery, making it the best Design Day for GOOD ever! Chic Creative Community was there to amplify the call for volunteers and nonprofit organizations as well as contribute to the fun with generous prizes and offers to participants. Wax Pencil Imagery also helped with the event by photographing the action and offering an additional prize for volunteers.

Design Day for GOOD 2022 would not exist without the support of its awesome volunteers! This year’s event was a record-breaking year with 16 volunteers, of which 12 were remote and 4 were in the Studio. Joining from coast to coast across Canada, as well as overseas in Italy and Brazil–our remote volunteers made the difficulties of a time difference seem like a cakewalk. We also invited students from the local college to participate and experience what it is like to work in a fast-paced environment with other design professionals.

So what was the result? Well, the design work speaks for itself, and it was well-received by all nonprofit organizations.


Chris Bingham, CGD (Me/Cyan Bold Design)


Matt Stewart


Kristi Patton – BGCO Representative
Richelle Leckey – BGCO Representative
Liz Govier (Liz Go) – Team Lead
Sarah Tucker (Graphically Hip) – Design
Eryca Stirling (Designs by Eryca) – Design
Tatiane Cristiane Babel (Social Media Strategist) – Social Media

BGC Okanagan provides safe, supportive programs where youth can build positive relationships, develop skills for life, overcome barriers, and experience new opportunities.

Team Boys & Girls Club Okanagan was tasked with producing graphics and design assets for the 32nd Annual CapriCMW Insurance Golf 4 Kids Tournament. In addition, they were encouraged to think about ways to provide ideas to support their social media campaigns.

The results are colourful, fresh, and fun; while staying on brand with BGCO collateral, these designs look brand new.


Patchouli O’Donovan – CRIS Representative
Vanessa Devine (Cheeky Monkey) – Team Lead/Writing
Nicole DuGuay (Graphic Design) – Graphic Design
Grace Jang (Salesforce) – Graphic Design/UX Design 
Karolina Wudniak (Book Design) – Layout Design

CRIS Adaptive Adventures facilitates outdoor urban experiences for individuals of various abilities through additional supports and adaptive equipment. However, with such a lofty promise, preparing for the summer season is often overwhelming, especially before the season when participants enjoy the outdoors the most. Luckily, Team Cris was able to help CRIS with some new assets for their programs before their busiest season began.

The designs for CRIS include new patches that suit existing brand materials, new UX design concepts and rack card updates. All new assets meet project criteria and help improve the impact of the CRIS visual voice in the community.


Debra Yanko – ETHOS Representative
Roni Speirs – ETHOS Representative
Lisa Farmer (OXD) – Team Lead/Content Writing
Caitlin Aboud (OXD) – Graphic Design
Lilian Leung (OXD) – Graphic Design/UX Design
Tyrel Narciso (OXD) – Developer/Content

Ethos provides semi-supportive housing for those with mental health challenges who want independent living. They came to Design Day for GOOD with several requests and an open mind, ready to work with their team on creating the best possible assets to establish their visual voice in the community.

OXD assembled a team from their office in Vancouver to take on the challenge. The result is a collection of assets that uses a similar design aesthetic and messaging to add to the Ethos visual voice.


Antonia DeBoer – Niteo Representative
Tory Braun (Clever Girl) – Team Lead/Content Writing
Danica Dreyer (Dandi Creative) – Graphic Design
Alina Mikholiouk-Horsman (AMH Design) – Graphic Design
Pamela Mauro (Pamela Mauro Caroca) – Graphic Design

Niteo is a partnership of Ugandans and Canadians focused on enriching lifelong literacy in communities through books, capacity-building, and reciprocal partnerships. In Kelowna, their literacy centre provides a space for reading and donating books for those in need.

Team Niteo’s design and content development are above and beyond expectations. This team focused on improving Niteo’s visual voice with clear brand guidelines, swag ideas for fundraising efforts and new digital assets using their current assets as a starting point.

Congratulations to everyone involved in making this another successful Design Day for GOOD!